Nigel Mansell's F1 cuts out and slots together
The head is 130mm high cut and assembled from two A4 sheets
The skeleton stands 900 mm tall and comes from 6 A4 sheets
The clown stands 575mm tall and all his joints move.
Oliver Cromwell is a static model
This is a papersculpture of Raymond Briggs Father Christmas 320mm high
The globes are 120mm diam. and cut out of an A4 sheet and just sloted together
Simply cut out and slot together. There will be several parrots and other birds in the range to send as greetings cards
The cards have pop out images and fold out frames
There are a number of moveable paper sports models being developed
Slot together model of William Shakespeare

designed by DAVID BARTLETT - see BRANDITFURNITURE.COM for more information

The crocodile is cut from A4 sheets
The elephant is cut from A4 sheet
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